Docker Azcopy image

Although there is a request to provide official image and there are few images for AzCopy out there, either those are not updated or are very bare with a minimum toolset.

In this article we introduce, publish and maintain our michalklempa/azcopy-all image which includes az-cli, azcopy, kubectl all with bash completion.


There actually isn’t any. I am not fan of installing all the tools, especially when it requires different python version as is the case with az-cli. Sometimes I just replace installation with a Docker image which is then aliased in my shell to be used instead of an actual command.


First try to run a container from the image:

> docker run -it --rm michalklempa/azcopy-all
Unable to find image 'michalklempa/azcopy-all:latest' locally
latest: Pulling from michalklempa/azcopy-all
83ee3a23efb7: Pull complete
db98fc6f11f0: Pull complete
f611acd52c6c: Pull complete
0d4d923f508a: Pull complete
43ba7ca8e6dd: Pull complete
16f0de7318b4: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:f569cb5135d7d2a86780ff9cf724992a323147635a77265dc09b0e28865f0e9a
Status: Downloaded newer image for michalklempa/azcopy-all:latest

You may try logging in:

> az login
To sign in, use a web browser to open the page and enter the code WOWTHECODE to authenticate.

Create az command

For convenience, I have created a bash alias for running this image:

echo 'alias az="docker run -it --rm michalklempa/azcopy-all"' >> ~/.bashrc

If you need a specific version, there will be tags with specific versions added to Docker Hub repository michalklempa/azcopy-all.